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Each year I take part in RPGaDay. This question-a-day style event encourages gamers to write about different aspects of their hobby for an entire month. It was first designed to let those of us who couldn’t make it to GenCon to still get our geek on, and has taken on a life of its own since then.

The post-a-day format means you end up with a lot of posts to scroll through rather quickly, so I’ve created this page to make them easier to browse. I’m looking forward to taking part again this year, though will likely update this page early in September.

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RPGaDAY Basics
1. First RPG Played
2. First RPG Gamemastered
3. First RPG Purchased
4. Most recent RPG purchase
5. Most Old School RPG owned
6. Favourite RPG never get to play
7. Most “intellectual” RPG owned
8. Favourite character
9. Favourite Die / Dice Set
10. Favourite tie-in Novel / Game Fiction
11. Weirdest RPG owned
12. Old RPG you still play / read
13. Most memorable character death
14. Best convention purchase
15. Favourite convention game
16. Game you wish you owned
17. Funniest game you’ve played
18. Favourite game system
19. Favourite published adventure
20. Will still play in 20 years time…
21. Favourite licensed RPG
22. Best secondhand RPG purchase
23. Coolest looking RPG product / book
24. Most complicated RPG owned
25. Favourite RPG no one else wants to play
26. Coolest character sheet
27. Game you’d like to see a new/improved edition of
28. Scariest Game you’ve played
29. Most memorable encounter
30. Rarest RPG Owned
31. Favourite RPG of all time

1: Forthcoming game you’re most looking forward to
2: Kickstarted game most pleased you backed
3: Favourite New Game of the last 12 months
4: Most Surprising Game
5: Most recent RPG purchase
6: Most recent RPG played
7: Favourite Free RPG
8: Favourite appearance of RPGs in the media
9: Favourite media you wish was an RPG
10: Favourite RPG Publisher
11: Favourite RPG Writer
12: Favourite RPG Illustration
13: Favourite RPG Podcast
14: Favourite RPG Accessory
15: Longest Campaign Played
16: Longest game session played
17: Favourite Fantasy RPG
18: Favourite SF RPG
19: Favourite Supers RPG
20: Favourite Horror RPG
21: Favourite RPG Setting
22: Perfect Gaming Environment
23: Perfect game for you
24: Favourite House Rule
25: Favourite Revolutionary Game Mechanic
26: Favourite inspiration for your game
27: Favourite idea for merging two games into one
28: Favourite game you no longer play
29: Favourite RPG website / blog
30: Favourite RPG playing celebrity
31: Favourite non-RPG thing to come out of RPGing

1. Do you prefer to use real dice, a dice application or program, or use a diceless system?
2. What is the best game session you have had since August 2015?
3. What is something you have done with your game character that you are the proudest of?
4. What is the most impressive thing that you can remember another player’s character doing in a session?
5. What story does your group of players tell about your character?
6. What is the most amazing thing that you know a game group has done for their community?
7. What aspect of Roleplaying Games has had the biggest effect on you?
8. Do you prefer hardcover, softcover, or electronic books? What are the benefits of your preference?
9. What things are a part of your ideal session, other than the actual game?
10. What was the largest in-game surprise you have experienced?
11. Which gamer that you have played with has most affected the way that you play?
12. What game is your group most likely to play next? Why?
13. What makes a successful campaign?
14. Who would be on your dream team of people you used to game with?
15. What types or source of inspiration do you turn to most often for RPGs?
16. What historical character would you like in your group? For what game?
17. What fictional character would best fit in your group? Why?
18. What innovation could RPG groups gain the most benefit from?
19. What is the best way to learn a new game?
20. What is the most challenging but rewarding system have you learned?
21. Why should someone GM a roleplaying game?
22. What are some random events in your games that keep happening?
23. Identify an under-represented genre in RPGs that you would like to see more of.
24. What is the game you are most likely to give to others as a gift?
25. What makes for a good character?
26. What hobbies go well with RPGs?
27. Describe the most unusual circumstance or location in which you have gamed.
28. What film or novel would you be most surprised that a friend had not seen or read?
29. If you could host a game anywhere on Earth, where would that be?
30. Describe the ideal game room if your budget were unlimited.
31. What is the best piece of advice you were ever given for your game of choice?

RPGaDAY 2017 featured

1. What published RPG do you wish you were playing right now?
2. What is an RPG you would like to see published?
3. How do you find out about new RPGs?
4. What do you look for in a review of an RPG?
5. Which RPG cover best captures the spirit of the game?
6. You can game every day for a week. Describe what you’d do!
7. What was your most impactful RPG session?
8. What is a good RPG to play for sessions of 2 hours or less?
9. What is a good RPG to play for about 10 sessions?
10. Where do you go for RPG reviews?
11. Which ‘dead game’ would you like to see reborn?
12. Which RPG has the most inspiring interior art?
13. What gives an RPG its ‘replay value’?
14. Which RPG do you prefer for open-ended campaign play?
15. Which RPG do you enjoy adapting the most?
16. Which RPG do you enjoy using as is?
17. Which RPG have you owned the longest but not played?
18. Which RPG have you played the most in your life?
19. How far from human do you enjoy getting the chance to be in an RPG?
20. What is the best source for out-of-print RPGs?
21. Which RPG does the most with the least words?
22. Which RPGs are the easiest for you to run?
23. Which RPG has the most jaw-dropping layout?
24. What makes an RPG book special in your eyes?
25. What is the best way to thank your GM?
26. Which RPG provides the most useful resources?
27. What are your essential tools for good gaming?
28. What film or series is the most-frequent source of quotes in your group?
29. What was the best-run RPG crowdfunding campaign you have backed?
30. What is an RPG genre-mashup you would most like to see?
31. What do you anticipate most for gaming in 2018?


1. What do you love about RPGs?
2. What do you look for in an RPG?
3. What gives a game ‘staying power’?
4. What makes you want to GM?
5. What appeals to you about GM-less games?
6. How can players make a world seem real?
7. How can a GM make the stakes important?
8. How can we get more people playing?
9. How has a game surprised you?
10. How has gaming changed you?
11. Wildest character name?
12. Wildest character concept?
13. Describe how your play has evolved.
14. Describe a failure that became amazing.
15. Describe a tricky RPG experience that you enjoyed.
16. Describe how you prepare for a one-shot.
17. Describe the best compliment you’ve had while gaming.
18. What art inspires your game?
19. What music enhances your game?
20. Which game mechanic inspires your play the most?
21. Which dice mechanic appeals to you?
22. Which non-dice system appeals to you?
23. Which game do you hope to play again?
24. Which RPG do you think deserves greater recognition?
25. Name a game that has had an impact on you in the last year.
26. Your gaming ambition for the next year.
27. Share a great stream / actual play.
28. Share whose inspiring gaming excellence you’re grateful for.
29. Share playing a “temporary” character.
30. Share something you learned about playing your character.
31. Share why you take part in RPGaDay.

RPGaDay 2019

RPGaDay 2019 saw a change of format from questions to single word prompts. I’ve also forgone numbering the individual days since participants were encouraged to find their own path.

First Unique Engage Share
Space Ancient Familiar Obscure
Critical Focus Examine Friendship
Mystery Guide Door Dream
One Plenty Scary Noble
Vast Lost Surprise Triumph
Calamity Idea Suspense Love
Evolve Connection Last  

RPG a Day 2020 summary

Beginning Change Thread Vision
Tribute Forest Couple Shade
Light Want Stack Message
Rest Banner Frame Dramatic
Comfort Meet Tower Investigate
Push Rare Edge Humour
Lever Strange Favour Close
Ride Portal Experience  

RPGaDAY 2021 Logo

Scenario Map Tactic Weapon
Include Path Small Stream
Emotion Trust Wilderness Think
Improvise Safety Supplement Tribute
Trap Write Theme Ally
Simplicity Substitute Quick Share
Tradition Theory Practice Solo
System Mention Thank  
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