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RPGaDay – Day 18: Favourite Game System


Short Answer: Ubiquity System, designed by Exile Game Studio.

Long Answer: I like a few different game systems pretty much equally. Different game systems are usually designed to work best for different types of games. Chaosium’s Basic Role-Playing system is perfect for Call of Cthulhu with its skill-based rolls and well-integrated rules for Sanity. Meanwhile, Dungeons and Dragons’ combat-focused rules suit its most common style of game.

When it comes down to picking my favourite, however, I have to look at a couple of factors. How easy is it to learn the rules, and how much time do the rules take up during a game? The first is important because people are more likely to get into a game when they don’t first need to spend hours deciphering a complex set of rules. The second, because the more the rules require you to do advanced math and look up tables in books, the less time you spend actually playing your role(s).

It’s for these reasons I picked the Ubiquity System. A binary dice pool system that’s quick to learn, and super-streamlined in play. It’s so streamlined, you can go entire sessions as GM without having to roll a single die. Taking the Average makes life easy, and allows you to reward players with automatic successes when they attempt certain tasks. It’s so easy even kids can play (and run) along side adults without feeling like they’re not getting the full rules experience.


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