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RPGaDay – Day 17: Favourite Fantasy RPG


Short Answer: Eberron Campaign Setting, Wizards of the Coast.

Long Answer: Released a little over a decade ago, Eberron was the first new setting for Dungeons & Dragons in some time, and one that only existed, at least at first, in the game’s 3rd edition.

It took many of the ‘classic’ D&D tropes and turned them on their heads. Alignment was less important, clerics didn’t directly worship gods, oh and the elves raised their dead to serve as immortal advisers. Magic was more common, with magically powered trains and airships crossing the countryside. They also added new races and classes, each tied to the setting’s back story.

What I most appreciated about the setting was its sense of adventure and excitement. It didn’t have the years of baggage that come with settings like Forgotten Realms. It was a chance to start fresh… and it worked. Wizards of the Coast released a good number of books for the setting, both supplements and novels. They even set the D&D MMO in the setting, though they limited it to a corner of the world. This may have been a technological limitation, but it’s hard to say for sure.

Wizards of the Coast bought Eberron back for the next edition of D&D, but this time only released three books total. A little disappointing, but most of the older setting books were still valid. So far, there’s been no mention of Eberron making an appearance in 5th Edition D&D, but anything’s possible. Maybe there’s too much competition from Pathfinder, or maybe Wizards is trying to keep things basic and not release a dozen new books each year. Whatever the reason, it would be a shame to have the setting slip into obscurity.

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