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RPGaDay 2017 – Day 9


What is a good RPG to play for about 10 sessions?

Short Answer: Something that isn’t level-based.

Long Answer: This answer is a bit vague because there are plenty of RPGs that work well for short campaigns. In fact, almost any game could work with the right plot and GM. With that in mind, I would still avoid games that rely on a sort of level-based progression system – the sort you find in Dungeons and Dragons.

This isn’t to say that level-based games are inherently bad, it’s more that they come with a certain mindset when approaching how players construct characters and evolve them over time. Most games of this sort start the characters off as relative weaklings and allow them to grow into veritable forces of nature. This sort of game is excellent for a long campaign, but 10 sessions is likely to only feature a couple of ‘level ups’ unless the sessions are especially long or the GM is feeling generous.

Instead of levels, I’d steer towards a system with limited character advancement. These are the sorts of games where characters spend points accumulated through play to improve attributes or skills as they see fit. This would allow players to make tweaks to their characters over time, while still remaining focussed on the game at hand. This would work better for a short campaign as I wouldn’t have to worry about sudden jumps in effectiveness from the players.

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