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RPGaDay – Day 16: Game you wish you owned

The World of Indiana Jones

Short Answer: The World of Indiana Jones, West End Games.

Long Answer: Not to be confused with TSR’s earlier effort, The World of Indiana Jones was a much more expansive approach to the franchise. You got to design your own characters, instead of simply playing as Professor Jones and his friends, but you could meet Indy in the game, and some of the published adventures kicked off with him asking you to look into something.

I own a couple of the line’s supplements (…and the Tomb of the Templars and …and the Golden Vampires) and they are generally well made, filled with plot hook and full adventures, while also providing background material relevant to the 1930s. I’ll admit to not looking too hard for the main book, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t pick it up if I found it – at a reasonable price. I’ll just put it on my ‘Check the Third Party Sellers’ list for the next time I make it to GenCon.

Of course, I could just be happy with what I’ve got and re-purpose the material for use with the Ubiquity System. That would certainly be easier than having to learn a new (old) rules system. Hmm…


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