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RPGaDay 2015 – Day 30: Favourite RPG playing celebrity


Short Answer: Dan Harmon, creator of Community.
Long Answer: It would be easy to pick Vin Diesel as my answer. It really would. The guy’s a massive gamer and, if rumours are true, even ran a game for Dame Judi Dench while making The Chronicles of Riddick. That alone gives him some major geek cred.

But I’m not picking Vin. I’m going with Dan Harmon. You’ll know him, if you know him at all, from his TV show Community. He’s also got a bunch of other shows under his belt, along with a weekly podcast called Harmontown. Each week, Dan gets together with friends in front of a live audience to talk about the week’s events, tell jokes, and interview famous friends.

Each episode ends with some roleplaying. The sessions are usually brief and do very little to advance the overall plot, but they’re always hilarious. The current game of choice is Shadowrun, with Dan playing Jim Nightblade, a character inspired by the works of Bruce Willis.

Why would I pick Dan over someone more famous? Mostly because he shares his love for gaming with the world, he sometimes invites Harmontown attendees to take part in the game (even if they’ve never roleplayed before), and he takes that love for gaming and turns it into entertaining television.

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