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RPGaDay – Day 26: Coolest character sheet

Fantasy Craft

Short Answer: Fantasy Craft four-page sheet, Crafty Games.

Long Answer: This is an odd question. What exactly makes a character sheet ‘cool’? Is it purely how it looks? What about layout? Does a sheet that feels like it’s part of the game’s universe count as cool? Or is it some combination of all three? To be honest, I don’t really know. Personally, I want to find the desired number, ability, or character detail quickly and have it be understandable. I don’t care how decorated the sheet is, unless the decoration gets in the way of usability.

For this reason, I’d have to pick the four-page Fantasy Craft sheet as my favourite. Four pages may sound like a lot to keep track of, but it’s actually used in a particularly clever way. Here’s how the pages break down:

  • Page 1 – Stats, skills, and non-combat abilities
  • Page 2 – Combat stats, attack and defense bonuses, weapons, armour, and combat abilities (as well as a full list of combat actions)
  • Page 3 – Gear, mounts and vehicles, magic items, contacts, and holdings (player-owned buildings)
  • Page 4 – Magic stats, extensive space for spells, and spellcasting abilities

These divisions make a lot of sense. You’re not likely to need combat abilities in a non-combat scene (unless things go horribly wrong), nor do you need to know which Crafting focuses you have while fighting off a swarm of kobolds, and if you’re a character with no spellcasting abilities you can ignore that page entirely.

While there’s still a lot to keep track of, you’re only really focussing on one or two pages at a time. That’s a lot more reasonable.

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