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RPGaDay 2015 – Day 7: Favourite Free RPG


Short Answer: Hollow Earth Expedition’s Free RPG Day adventures, Exile Game Studio.

Long Answer: When it comes to gaming for free, there are two places to start.

First is the Free section of You’ll spend some time sorting through the almost five thousand items, but you’re likely to find something that piques your interest. There are a LOT of one or two page supplements for existing games, but every so often you stumble across a real gem.

The second is the annual event Free RPG Day. If your local gaming store takes part, you have a chance of picking up some surprisingly high quality items. Most are short, one shot adventures, perfect for playing in the store on the day. Unfortunately, if you’re not able to make it on the day, or your local store doesn’t participate, you end up missing out altogether.

Every so often, a company goes the extra mile and keeps their offering available afterwards. One of these companies is Exile Game Studio. Three of their Free RPG Day adventures are still available on their website, each comes with a copy of the Quick Start rules. Everything you need to play a game.

I have another reason for using Exile as an example: I wrote their 2008 adventure “Stranded in the Hollow Earth.” I borrowed the opening from a classic Doctor Who story, but things very quickly move on from there. There are dinosaurs, ape men, and Nazis. Everything you need for a rip-roaring Hollow Earth adventure.

If you’re after a more festive adventure, try Operation Sinterklaas where your players get to save Santa from Nazis.


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