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RPGaDay 2017 – Day 14

Hollow Earth Expedition

Which RPG do you prefer for open-ended campaign play?

Short Answer: Hollow Earth Expedition.

Long Answer: It might seem odd that I’d pick the same RPG for both ‘short session’ and ‘open-ended campaign’, but I think Hollow Earth Expedition really is good for both.

For an open-ended campaign, I wouldn’t start the characters within the Hollow Earth. The campaign would begin on the surface. Characters would off against a few ‘traditional’ threats before making their way into the Hollow Earth. There they encounter old enemies and all new threats. Eventually, the characters would find themselves on Mars where they exploration and excitement would start all over again.

The regular changes of location would make it easier for players to ‘retire’ old characters and try something new, as well as bring new players into the game. It would work a bit like a long running TV series. I think that could work well.

But where to from Mars? The characters could return to the Hollow Earth, or even the surface. Bringing Martian characters to Earth would introduce a whole new set of challenges, and lead to a lot of entertaining roleplaying scenarios.

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