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RPGaDay – Day 15: Favourite Convention Game

Ten Thousand Bullets

Short Answer: Ten Thousand Bullets, run by Alex Flagg.

Long Answer: Ten Thousand Bullets is a bit of a hipster game – if only because you’ve probably never heard of it. It is the brain child of Alex Flagg of Crafty Games and sees the players taking on the role of cops and criminals in a fictional city on America’s west coast. A few years back, Alex ran a game at GenCon and I got to take part.

From what I recall, we were playing criminals trying to track down rivals who were muscling in on our territory. I don’t remember the details, but there were some memorable highlights. At one point we discovered containers filled with what looked like cocaine. I decided to ‘test’ the product’s quality so we could decide if we needed to secure it before moving on. I ended up getting a noseful of washing powder. The game ended with our team in a van being chased through the streets by our rivals. I managed to end the chase in the first round with a grenade… and a natural 20.

There’s no word on when we’ll see Ten Thousand Bullets go on sale, but I guarantee it will be well worth picking up when it does.

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  1. 31/08/2014 00:44

    I been waiting for this game for over 4 years.

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