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RPGaDay – Day 4: Most recent RPG purchase

IKRPG: Kings, Nations, and Gods

Short Answer: IKRPG: Kings, Nations, and Gods (in-store) / Mutant Chronicles 3rd Ed (Kickstarter)

Long Answer: In this modern age, the answer to this question isn’t as simple as it first appears. These days, you don’t just pop down to your local gaming store and pick up the latest gaming book. For many people, their ‘local’ store is online. There’s also a ‘buying before you try’ option through crowd funding sites like Kickstarter. In my case, New Zealand’s geographic isolation makes these digital options much more viable. I’d love to support a local store, but they simply can’t compete with out strong dollar and cheap shipping.

The first of my picks – IKRPG: Kings, Nations, and Gods – I purchased online (I don’t recall where). It’s a hefty tome, weighing in at 348 pages of background information about the five civilised human kingdoms. There’s also a plethora of new character options, and enough full colour artwork to inspire dozens of characters. This book is heavy on the background, but if you’re into that sort of thing it is a mandatory purchase. Plus, there are rules for playing a pirate. That’s always a bonus in my book.

Mutant Chronicles 3rd Ed is the RPG project I’ve most recently backed on Kickstarter. It’s a whiles away from arriving in NZ (though may still get here before Relic Knights), but it’ll be worth the way. Also, in the meantime, Modiphius are running an open beta test for all those who want to take part. So far, the rules are somewhat different from the books I purchased almost 20 years ago, but that is only to be expected. It’s also good to see that the new books are expanding on the setting, allowing you to set your campaign during various points of the game’s history. For a game with as rich a back story as Mutant Chronicles, this is a huge bonus.

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