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RPGaDay – Day 18: Favourite SF RPG

Hollow Earth Expedition

Short Answer: Hollow Earth Expedition, Exile Game Studio.

Long Answer: You could argue that HEX is more pulp than science fiction, but it really isn’t. Sure, it’s got Nazis and takes place in the 1930’s – both staples of the pulp genre – but it’s more than that. The setting, as revealed across four main books and a number of supplements, is one steeped in some of the most classic sci-fi tropes.

The most recent book, Revelations of Mars, is the epitome of this. Whether you get there by rocket or ancient portal, your characters end up exploring a dying planet populated by races both familiar and wholly alien. It’s the best parts of Burroughs, Verne, and Wells mixed together into a delicious narrative cake.

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about HEX is you don’t have to play a human who ventures into the Hollow Earth or makes their way to Mars. You can just as easily play a Hollow Earth native or Martian who makes their way to the surface of Earth, or anywhere else they might want to go.

We can no longer think of Hollow Earth Expedition as a game about simply “feeding Nazis to dinosaurs.” It’s become so much more, and that’s why it is my favourite.

(You can still totally feed Nazis to dinosaurs if you want.)

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