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RPGaDay 2015 – Day 9: Favourite media you wish was an RPG


Short Answer: Grimm, TV series.

Long Answer: I did not even have to think about this answer. For some time now, I’ve considered Grimm a perfect candidate for adaptation to an RPG.

If you’re not familiar with the show, here’s a quick breakdown: Portland detective Nick Burkhardt discovers his family are Grimms, hunters with the ability to detect creatures known as Wesen. Nick spends his time taking on these creatures with the aid of his partner and a Wesen who has renounced his savage side.

Throughout the course of the series, Nick discovers more about both his heritage and Wesen society, taking on militant Wesen, devious Hexenbiests (witches), and all manner of things that go bump in the night. He also discovers that not all Wesen are necessarily bad, something that often gets him and his Wesen allies into trouble.

Why would it make a great roleplaying game? The show runners have put a great deal of work into the show’s history. We know the Grimms have been active for centuries, hunting Wesen and other creatures around the world. Players wouldn’t be limited to a contemporary setting, nor would they limited in the creatures they would have to face. The show also manages to introduce a new type of Wesen in almost every episode. This provides GMs with a wealth of options when planning adventures.

It’s easy to understand why I think the show is so ripe for adaptation. The possibilities are endless, and there is enough balance between the different character types to allow for PCs from all corners of setting, even the more powerful Wesen.

Will we ever see a Grimm RPG? We’re four seasons in and it doesn’t look like it.

Maybe the show runners are against the idea.

Maybe there’s no interest from gaming companies.

Maybe there’s something already in the works and we just haven’t heard yet.

Maybe I’ll just have to do it myself.

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