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RPGaDay – Day 24: Most Complicated RPG Owned

Shatterzone Cover

Short Answer: Shatterzone, West End Games.

Long Answer: To be honest, I don’t own any RPGs I would consider complicated. Sure, some are more detailed than others, but they all at least make sense. If I wasn’t limited to RPGs I own, this choice would be much easier. I played in a Champions campaign using the Hero System. The rules were mathematically dense, and you interpreted dice rolls in multiple ways. Switching from physical dice to a Hero System dice app make things a lot easier, but it still felt like a slog at times. In the end, we simply rolled dice, told the GM what we got, and let the GM figure the rest out.

But that isn’t a valid answer. Despite playing in that campaign for years, I don’t own a single Hero System book. Limiting myself to books I own, I’d have to go with Shatterzone. The rules probably aren’t that complex, it’s probably more that I haven’t read through them. I would, but I only own the book(s) in PDF format. As much as I find digital copies convenient and easily portable, physical books are simply easier to read. This might be partly due to laptop and mobile phones not being the best ways to read a PDF. Having a tablet would likely be easier, but that’s a lot of money to spend for an unconfirmed benefit.

I guess this is a lesson in perception. Shatterzone seems like a complex game, but possibly only because I am not familiar with the rules. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was surprisingly easy. I guess there’s only one way to know. Maybe I’ll spend some cash and get the PDF properly printed and bound. Maybe.

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