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RPGaDay – Day 9: Favourite Die / Dice Set

Ubiquity Dice

Short Answer: Ubiquity Dice, Exile Game Studio.

Long Answer: It’s not often someone comes up with a new type of dice. We’ve had the numbered sort for a long time now. D20s created by the ancient Romans have been found.

Ubiquity Dice are something new. These eight-sided dice are specially numbered to provide a binary result equivalent to rolling a set number of ‘normal’ dice. This meshes perfectly with the binary system in the Ubiquity Rules, used by games like Hollow Earth Expedition, All for One, and the upcoming new edition of Space 1889.

The Ubiquity rules require the players to roll pools of dice, with a success being granted for each one that rolls an even number (or odd, or whatever binary system you prefer). It’s an easy system, but one that is a little time-consuming when you’re rolling a particularly large pool of dice. The Ubiquity Dice simplify this by cutting out the middle man and simply telling you your number of successes. Instead of rolling 10 dice, you could roll three blue U dice (equivalent to three normal dice) and one white U die (equivalent to one normal die) and count the resulting numbers.

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