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RPGaDay 2016 – Day 10

Ten Thousand Bullets

What was the largest in-game surprise you have experienced?

Short Answer: Ending a chase in the first round with a single grenade.

Long Answer: I’ve racked my brains trying to think of a suitable answer for this. I have no doubt I’ve experienced a few surprises over the years, but these memories are long-lost in the mists of time. The closest thing to surprise that I can remember comes from a Ten Thousand Bullets game I played at Gen Con a few years ago.

The premise of the game cast the players as a group of up and coming criminals. Our boss sent us across town to investigate a rival gang and make sure they weren’t getting any ideas about moving into our gang’s territory. Long story short, we went, we investigated, we found some drugs, we roused the ire of the rival gang. Severely out-numbered we fled in our car, while some of the rival gang’s members gave chase in a van.

We rolled for initiative and when my turn came around I remembered my character was carrying a grenade and hadn’t used it yet. As this was a one-off convention game, there was little reason to hold on to the thing, so he pulled the pin and dropped it out the window. I hoped it would explode either just in front of, or just after the van, knocking it off the road.

My fellow players held their breath as I rolled the attack dice. A critical failure could have some VERY negative effects on our vehicle. As it turned out, they needn’t have worried.

I rolled a natural 20. A critical hit.

Spending all of my action dice, I looked at the GM and smiled. The grenade exploded underneath the van, triggering a secondary explosion in the gas tank. There was an explosion worthy of Hollywood and the chase was over. The rest of the rival gang’s members were already a few blocks away, so it was easy for us to hit the gas and get to safety.

And that was it. It’s not really truly surprising, but considering how my dice usually roll it works for me.

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