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RPGaDay 2019 – Connection


My gods, is it already August 30th? This month hasn’t exactly flown by, but it’s certainly ending with a final sprint. I’ve covered a wide variety of topics with my responses to the previous 29 prompts. This new format has been both a challenge and more freeing than previous years. Before I drift further into the territory of tomorrow’s post, let’s talk about connection.

I’ll end this month with 31 responses to RPGaDay 2019’s prompts. 31 loosely connected pieces of writing weighing in just shy of 10,000 words. That’s not an insignificant amount considering the format of this event. I guess the question is now that I have all these words, what do I do with them?

For starters, these posts will remain here. They’ll get added to this site’s RPGaDay index page as a permanent record of sorts. Beyond that, I’ll use these as notes when it finally comes to put words on the page. I’ve come up with some good ideas that will make it into early drafts of the game, maybe even the final product.

We’re starting to drift close to tomorrow’s post again, so let’s talk about how you can stay connected with this project. I’ll post my updates here or over on the Geek-Life Balance Facebook page. Remember, all the posts on this blog are cross-posted to Facebook. If you’re worried about following too many sources, just go with Facebook.

I think that’s enough for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with my response to the final prompt.

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