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RPGaDay – Day 12: Old RPG you still play / read

Mutant Chronicles Cover

Short Answer: Mutant Chronicles, Target Games.

Long Answer: It’s not the main book I’ve chosen, but one of the supplements. The Cybertronic mega-corp book comes with all the material you’d expect to find in a faction-specific supplement, but it presents it in a way that really draws you in and urges you to read every page.

The book is laid out in the style of a news and lifestyle magazine, with the content broken up into ‘articles’ and interspersed with in-setting adverts. As you thumb through the pages, you really start to feel like you’re reading the genuine article. It still has plenty of new rules, but they’re blended into the rest of the content.

What really takes this book to the next level, however, is how it begins and ends. The first thing we read is an editorial where they editor proclaims his independence, while stating that the purpose of the following articles is to shed light on the notoriously clandestine mega-corp. By the end of the book the editor has had a change of heart, and it closes with a note stating that he has decided to sell the company to Cybertronic, effectively becoming part of the machine he’d derided. Perfect.

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