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RPGaDay – Day 8: Favourite character

D&D3.5 Half Orc

Short Answer: Henk, Half-Orc Cleric.

Long Answer: I’ve played many memorable characters over the years, each with their own moments that stick in my memory. One of the most memorable was the first of my post-high school characters, and my first Dungeons & Dragons character: Henk, Half-Orc Cleric of Gruumsh.

I started playing Henk soon after the release of 3rd Edition, when only the Player’s Handbook and Dungeon Masters Guides were available. Someone at the University gaming club was going to start running a campaign and everyone made characters. I think we were short on Clerics when I joined, so that’s what I picked. I’m not sure why I went with half-orc, though. Far from an ‘optimal’ choice for a class that heavily relies on Charisma, but these were early days and people weren’t properly min-maxing the system.

Henk ended up having a long, and rather successful, adventuring career. Notable moments include the time he walked into a kobold ambush and survived multiple rounds of massed ranged attacks through sheer toughness and healing spells, and his side business of creating and selling torches of Continual Flame as a safe light source.


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