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RPGaDay 2016 – Day 28


What film or novel would you be most surprised that a friend had not seen or read?

Short Answer: Star Wars.

Long Answer: Let’s face it, I and most of the people I know are of an age where we either remember the release of the original Star Wars movie, or were born not long after the release. We also had a good 15-20 years of re-watching those movies before the prequels appeared. We are the Star Wars generation.

Star Wars is so pervasive these days, it’s still hard for me to imagine someone over the age of 20 making it this far in life without encountering it at some point. It might have only been one of the movies, or maybe an episode or two of the TV series, or a novel, or a comic, or maybe one of the games, but it’s all Star Wars.

You would have to go to some extreme lengths to avoid everything to do with Star Wars. This is doubly true in a gaming club. Between X-Wing (currently one of the most popular games around the world), Imperial Assault, the Edge of the Empire RPG (plus all the other older RPGs), and the growing number of board and card games, it’s everywhere you look.

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