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RPGaDay 2021 – Quick


When choosing a roleplaying game for children there are a few things to consider – quickness is one of them. Not how fast the game is to play, but to learn. Not everyone has the patience to spend a day or two reading through a rule book before playing. This is especially true with children.

That doesn’t mean the rules need to be simple or basic. Far from it. As long as the individual concepts are easy to grasp, you can introduce them one at a time. Build up the complexity over a few sessions, making sure to reinforce what’s already known.

This approach might lead to some limited game play early on, but that’s okay. When you consider most games, there are only about half a dozen key concepts vital for play. If you design those early sessions well enough you’ll cover them in no time.

It’s not only learning the rules that should be quick. Game play should be a smooth process as well. One prime example of this is the concept of THAC0 from Dungeons & Dragons. This number was part of a formula used to determine whether you hit an opponent – ‘To Hit Armour Class 0’.

While it may have made sense to experienced players, it wasn’t so easy for new players. The change to Base Attack Bonus with 3rd edition absolutely make combat quicker. It wasn’t perfect, fast becoming complicated with modifiers, but it was less confusing.

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