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RPGaDay 2015 – Day 6: Most recent RPG played


Short Answer: Champions: New Millennium, Hero Publishing.

Long Answer: It’s been some time since I last sat down with a character sheet and rolled some dice. When last I did it was Bloodhound, cyborg and leader of a team of superheroes known as The Champions. It was our duty to protect Bay City (San Francisco) from our base on Treasure Island.

This campaign lasted a few years, with games happening most Mondays. We started out using the Mutants and Masterminds rules before shifting to Hero Publishing’s rules, which the GM was more familiar with. Unfortunately, that didn’t help us players as there are considerable differences between the two. In the end, our GM handled most of the math, leaving us to simply decide what we wanted to do, then roll the required number of dice to see if it worked.

To be fair, this wasn’t as bad as it might sound. It gave us a little more freedom to do what we wanted without fretting over rules minutiae. And boy did we do what we wanted. ThereĀ  were multiple instances of ‘splitting the party’ and even a couple of times where we completely ignored plot hooks that would have led us off on new adventures.

Despite our someone fractious team dynamic, we did manage to pull off some impressive feats. Saving the city, and the world, multiple times. Prevailing against nefarious villains time and again. In the end, that’s what a good superhero story is all about, right?


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