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RPGaDay 2015 – Day 13: Favourite RPG Podcast


Short Answer: Role Playing Public Radio.

Long Answer: For all my interest in roleplaying, I don’t actually listen to that many podcasts dedicated to it. Most are more general in scope, only occasionally talking about RPGs. And even then, it’s mostly limited to a select few games (mostly D&D).

I used to listen to The Game’s The Thing, but they stopped putting out new episodes last year. Fortunately, there’s eight years of podcasts still available. If you want to check them out, there’s enough Ron and Veronica Blessing to keep you going for a good long while.

These days, the only RPG-exclusive podcast I listen to is Role Playing Public Radio. Each week they release a recording of one of their gaming sessions. They seem to have two or three campaigns on the go at any one time, which means we get a bit of variation. They also accept recordings from fans of their home sessions.

The first RPPR session I listened to was for Call of Cthulhu: Invictus. Set in ancient Rome, the game had players going up against a mythos cult. The characters were the standard fare, but it was the Senator who was the standout performance. For whatever reason, the player decided to base his character on Hedonismbot from Futurama. The result was… delicious.

Moments of hilarity aside, RPPR is actually a great way to check out a game you’re interested in. You won’t get all the details, but you’ll certainly get a feel for how the game can play.

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