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RPGaDay 2018 – Day 9


How has a game surprised you?

Short Answer: A Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Freak Legion one-shot that was less storytelling and more action adventure.

Long Answer:┬áThis was a game I played while at university. The White Wolf games were very popular within the university club at the time, but I wasn’t sold. I’d had some limited experience with them, and the style didn’t click for me. Then I tried Freak Legion.

A little background: the first club meeting of each month was ‘one off night’. A chance to play something different, not the usual ongoing campaign. This particular night, a friend turned up with the Freak Legion book. I knew it was a White Wolf book, so was a little wary. He persisted, saying I’d be happily surprised.

The premise of the book is you get to play as formori, the villains in the Werewolf: The Apocalypse game setting. You’re a human infested with a malevolent spirit fighting against the noble garou. These spirits grant different abilities and powers, allowing for a variety of characters.

The game cast us as a paramilitary group, deep in the jungle. We all started out as normal humans, but as the session progressed our true forms began to emerge. I don’t recall the exact (grisly) details, but things got very messy. Imagine the movie Predator, but it’s the soldiers who are the monsters.

And that was the surprise. I’d gone in expecting a standard White Wolf game. One steeped in politics or metaphysics. I came out the other end covered in gore, with a new-found appreciation for the Storyteller System.

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