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RPGaDay – Day 30: Rarest RPG Owned

The World of Indiana Jones

Short Answer: The World of Indiana Jones, West End Games.

Long Answer: I don’t really own a lot of RPGs that could be considered rare. Sure, some of them are no longer in print and anything that makes it to New Zealand has to have reached a certain size anyway. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a rare RPG, either. In fact, they only one I can think of is TSR’s Indiana Jones RPG – a game so infamous it ended up being turned into an award. I’ve only seen that game online, in photos people have taken after seeing it at cons or in second-hand bookshops.

When it comes to books I actually own, there are a few candidates: Mutant Chronicles, Shatterzone, and The World of Indiana Jones. First off, Mutant Chronicles is a strong contender. The publisher went out of business over a decade ago, so reprints of old books are unlikely. That said, the game is getting a new version, so it’s possible we’ll see the old books appear on eBay as people try to cash in on nostalgia. Second, Shatterzone was recently reprinted digitally by Precis Intermedia along with half a dozen supplement books. The digital edition is scanned straight from the original books, so this technically makes the game very easy to acquire. Finally, Indiana Jones has suffered a similar fate to Mutant Chronicles, with an out-of-business publisher. Unlike Chronicles, there’s no sign that we’ll either see a new edition or digital re-release any time soon.

If I had to pick, I’d put my money on The World of Indiana Jones being my rarest RPG. Sure, I don’t actually own the main rulebook, but I’m conveniently ignoring for now. It helps that it’s the only game to not get a digital reprint or new edition, making it properly difficult to find copies of the books. This could change should Precis Intermedia pick up the republishing rights, but that seems unlikely now.

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