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RPGaDay 2017 – Day 7


What was your most impactful RPG session?

Short Answer: The Valley of Kobold Death.

Long Answer: I previously mentioned this session way back at the end of the first RPGaDay, and I’m sure it will come up again in future answers. It’s certainly one of my most memorable gaming sessions, but that’s not why it’s also the most impactful. It wasn’t our first ambush, but it was the detail of our outwitting that mattered.

Normally, an ambush would take place in the middle of the day with the party mostly ready for combat. We’d be wearing our armour with our weapons close at hand. Much of the time this was a way for the GM to go a little easy on us. Not this time. Having kobolds sneak into our camp and steal our armour and weapons made the combat more complicated than usual. Okay, so the spellcasters in the group weren’t as poorly off, but without the armour wearers to take the enemy’s blows we were a lot more fragile.

And that’s where the impact came from. It forced us out of our collective comfort zone and put us into a conflict with only some of our usual options. This could have come across as overly harsh, but our GM was able to keep everyone engaged and involved. It wasn’t just an excuse for the GM to beat up on the party and attempt to kill as many players as possible.

It’s easy for games like DnD boil down to ‘kick in a door, kill the monsters on the other side, loot the room, move on to the next door’. While fun from time to time, it’s moments like the Valley of Kobold Death that make a game stand out from the rest. Just try not to kill any of the player characters in the process. At least, not permanently.


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