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RPGaDay 2016 – Day 6


What is the most amazing thing that you know a game group has done for their community?

Short Answer: Raising money for the RSA.

Long Answer: Back in 2014, my local gaming club took part in WWPD’s charity event WWPD4Vets. The idea was for clubs around the world to get together, game and raise money for local veterans charity organisations. Our club decided the money raised would go towards the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services’ Association (RSA), founded in 1916 by soldiers returning home from Gallipoli. As luck would have it, WWPD4Vets took place a couple of weeks before ANZAC Day.

I don’t recall how much money the club raised over the six hours of the event, but once the RSA collectors hit the streets our President took the money and handed it over. He hadn’t converted it into notes, so it took some time to feed the coins and what notes there were into the old soldier’s bucket. Apparently they were quite surprised, but most grateful for the donation.

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