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RPGaDay 2021 – Theory


I’ve spent this month talking about running games for children, but I have a confession to make. I’ve never actually run a roleplaying game for children. That’s right, my answers so far have been largely Theory.

That doesn’t mean I’ve been making up everything so far. I have experience playing other games with children – my niece and nephew. This has shown me it’s possible to both over and underestimate their gaming skills.

As for roleplaying games, my niece is closer to ready than her younger brother. It could work if I ran a game for her (and Auntie and Mummy to fill out the party) only. I even have a couple of games I’ve been saving for this occasion – and one more I’d need to buy.

I do look forward to the opportunity to put this month’s theory into practice. It’s said that no plan survives contact with the enemy, and I suspect something similar will be true here. I suspect I’ll do okay in some areas, while failing in others. But it’ll all work out in the end.

At least that’s the theory.

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