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RPGaDay – Day 19: Favourite Published Adventure

Renraku Arcology Shutdown

Short Answer: Renraku Arcology Shutdown, Fasa Corporation.

Long Answer: This isn’t an easy question to answer. I’ve played a bunch of published adventures, but they either don’t stand out or there’s something about them that doesn’t seem to work. It’s a difficult task writing an adventure that is accessible to as many types of players (and characters) as possible, and many end up favouring a few types over others. Advising players in advance will allow them to prepare, but when it’s a surprise it can lead to a disappointing experience.

For me, the adventure that stood out as fun for everyone in somewhat equal measure was the Renraku Arcology Shutdown campaign for Shadowrun. We played through it as part of an ongoing campaign with characters who already had a good deal of karma (XP) under their collective belts, and even then it was a challenge at times. Even though we played through it over a decade ago, there are parts that stick with me.

As an added bonus, it looks like someone might be recreating the campaign for Shadowrun Returns. I hope they include the room full of baby AI.

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