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RPGaDay – Day 15: Longest Campaign Played


Short Answer: Either Champions: New Millennium or 3rd Ed D&D.

Long Answer: I’ve played in two campaigns gunning for the title of longest campaign played. I don’t recall which one lasted longer, in terms of sessions played, so they both end up here.

First was a 3rd (and later 3.5) Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign that ran during my university years. We tended to play at lunch times, or any time enough people had some free time to spend on killing monsters and taking their loot. This is the campaign where I played Henk, a half-orc cleric and experienced my most memorable encounter.

It started out as a fairly standard campaign, but over time evolved into a more ‘evil’ campaign. We even revisited this world in a later campaign, picking up the story some time later with our heroes taking on the evil empire established by the characters in the older campaign. It was great to come back to the world and see things from a very different angle.

Second was the Champions: New Millennium campaign I mentioned a few days back. This was a weekly game that started out using the Mutants and Masterminds rules, before migrating to Champions. The campaign lasted for a few years before I had to drop out, then continued on for a while after that.

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