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RPGaDay 2021 – Practice


It might seem like an odd concept for experienced adult gamers, but practice is great for gaming. Especially for younger players. But how do we apply it in-game?

One way to put practice into… practice is through the use of a Session Zero. While these Sessions are usually a chance for GM and player to get in sync, let’s try something different. For your Session give the player either their character or an NPC and run them through some of the basics. Think of it as a tutorial level in a video game.

If you’re worried about how the Session fits into your ongoing campaign, don’t stress. Make it clear this is just practice for the player and they are free to experiment. If you do want to be clever, play it straight then say it’s a dream sequence. The Session’s events did occur, but only in their minds.

When running the session, the GM should be a little more engaged with the player. Provide details on how to make skill checks, remind them of special rules and actions, that sort of thing. Don’t expect the player to know everything, and give them the opportunity to try things a few times.

With a decent Session Zero, your campaign will get off with a hiss and a roar. Your players will have a better idea of their role in the game, and things will be easier for you. Until the characters start discussing their respective ‘dreams’ and insist on investigating them.

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