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RPGaDay 2019 – Noble

General Leia - Episode 8

I’ve spent a lot of words talking about all that is bad and dangerous in the universe, but what about the other side? There are plenty of organisations in the galaxy that could be considered Noble. This is also a relative term. A group of traders might consider a galactic police force noble. Meanwhile, smugglers might see them as corrupt, or brutal. Perspective is key.

When I present these organisations, they’ll be just like any other group. I can’t guarantee every player group will treat every organisation the same, so it’s best to prepare. The same will be true for more antagonistic organisations. Expect players to throw caution to the wind and sign on with villains.

In game terms, players can associate these organisations with any of their Resources. They might be owed a favour by an influential senator. Or they can borrow untested technology from the science academy. It’s up to them (and the GM) to decide. Access will be contingent on staying within their patron’s good graces, of course.

The way Hollow Earth Expedition presents organisations is a good starting point for these entries. But, I’d like to expand on the format a little. I’ll include some Resource examples and plot hooks (both pro- and antagonistic). This will help those new to roleplaying incorporate them into their games.

What will be fun is finding the nobility in even the most shady organisation. I look forward to that challenge.

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