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RPGaDay 2017 – Day 11

The World of Indiana Jones

Which ‘dead game’ would you like to see reborn?

Short Answer: An Indiana Jones RPG.

Long Answer: This was an especially difficult question. Not because I can’t think of many ‘dead games’, but because most of the ones I can think of are already being remade or given a new lease of life through PDF releases. This really is a wonderful time for gamers. With just a few clicks we can purchase a game we haven’t played since we started this long journey of character sheets and dice rolling. I wouldn’t go so far to call it a golden age, but it’s close.

Back to the question. If I had to weigh up all my options, I’d like to see an Indiana Jones RPG back on the shelves. I’m not picking a specific version – both the TSR and WEG editions have their merits. That said, I wouldn’t require the new edition to use the earlier rules. I have no specific reasons for ditching the old rules, other than it’s been 20 years since the tail end of WEG’s run. There are contemporary rules that would be better suited for running games of two-fisted, Nazi-punching action and adventure.

While I would ditch the old rules, I wouldn’t do the same for the many adventures written over the years. I own two of the WEG adventure books and would love to get more (at a reasonable price). Add on to this the many Indiana Jones comics, novels, and digital games released over the decades and you could publish gaming material for years to come.

Sure, some people might baulk at an RPG focussed around a well-known character. That’s a valid argument, but is easily worked around with a little creativity. In fact, the WEG edition of the game took this route with much of its supplemental material. There’s also the issue of licensing. I’m not sure if anyone currently holds the rights for an RPG, nor am I in a position to put in a bid.

Fortunately, dreams are free.

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