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RPGaDay 2017 – Day 4


What do you look for in a review of an RPG?

Short Answer: Setting overview, rules basics, and what makes the game fun to play.

Long Answer: Before I begin on my long answer, I should point out this is my first deviation from the standard questions. I’m not able to provide a decent answer for Which RPG have you played the most since August 2016? for the obvious reason that I haven’t actually played any RPGs in the last 12 months. Instead, I’m going with an alternate question that relates to yesterday’s question.

I get most of my RPGs from YouTube – in particular the Game Geeks RPG channel (that’s host Kurt Wiegel above). Video reviews are a little more helpful than written reviews as you get a better feel for the size and heft of the product. You also get a better sense of how the reviewer feels about the product that is sometimes lost on the page.

As for what I look for in these reviews, it comes down to the three main areas mentioned in my short answer. A setting overview helps with understanding what the RPG is trying to achieve. Is it historical? Fantastical? A mix of both with a dash of superheroics? Next I want a basic understanding of how the rules come together and how appropriate they are for the setting. Finally, I want to know if the reviewer enjoyed running or playing in the game and why.

This is usually enough for me to form a first impression of the game. If it has succeeded in grabbing my interest, I’ll see if I can find a preview of the book itself or some quick start rules to get a hands on look at the game. Unfortunately, I can’t just pop down to the FLGS and flick through a full copy. Long gone are the days where local gaming stores carry a wide range of RPGs, but the internet is usually able to compensate.

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