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RPGaDay – Day 17: Funniest Game you’ve Played

Shadowrun Cover

Short Answer: Shadowrun Third Edition, FASA Corporation.

Long Answer: It may not seem like a candidate for ‘funniest game,’ but there’s plenty of humour to be had in Shadowrun… if you play the right character. For me, this character was a Troll Street Samurai with a penchant for black trench coats, motorcycles, shotguns, and 20th Century pop culture.

Not every mission resulted in hilarity. One took us from the slums of future Seattle to the wilds of Scotland. As part of the adventure, we needed to enter a magical realm and overcome a series of challenges before progressing. Unfortunately, my troll had installed a little too much cyberware and wasn’t able to enter the realm. I ended up sitting on the banks of Loch Ness chatting to Nessie while we waited for my companions to return.

Another adventure took us inside the infamous Renraku Arcology. The AI controlling most of the building’s functions had gone rogue, trapping the inhabitants inside. Our team were investigating, not really sure what to expect. It quickly became clear that the AI had started to adapt, creating an army of killer robots to hunt the trapped humans. At one point, our team reached what we initially thought was a crèche filled with small children. As we entered, the children turned to look at us in unison. It was at this point the GM asked me to make a 20th Century Pop Culture roll. I passed and he informed me this reminded my character of the ‘classic’ techno horror film Screamers. My character pulled out his shotgun and filled the room with shells, shouting “baby AI” over and over. The rest of the team was horrified, until they realised that they children actually were part of the AI. Good times.


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