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RPGaDay – Day 13: Most Memorable Character Death

Call of Cthulhu

Short Answer: Both of my Call of Cthulhu characters, their names unremembered.

Long Answer: Oddly enough, I’ve only had two RPG characters actually die. Both were in Call of Cthulhu games, so it’s not really that surprising. I’m not sure why none of my other characters have died – and many have come close. My first Spycraft character should have died, but we bent just enough rules to let him survive – at the cost of “early retirement.”

Sadly, neither of my Cthulhu characters died in memorable, or even amusing ways. One was unceremoniously killed by a random monster when the Keeper finally got tired of us ignoring his plot, while the other died on the side of a large hill en route to a ritual that was trying to summon Ithaqua (think White Walker meets Yeti).

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