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RPGaDay 2016 – Day 29


If you could host a game anywhere on Earth, where would that be?

Short Answer: Machu Picchu.

Long Answer: Where better to play a game of Hollow Earth Expedition than in an abandoned Incan city that was only rediscovered 105 years ago? The many pyramids and temples in Egypt would be contenders, were it not for the heat and sand. Antarctica would too, but the cold would certainly be a downer (plus that might be a better pick for a game of Beyond the Mountains of Madness). I’m sure it can get cold and windy that high up in the Andes, but if we got there on a good day I think it would be fine.

What about other games? That would depend on the game. Let’s go though a few, shall we…

Leagues of Adventure – This would be one of the surviving Gentlemen’s Clubs in London, probably the Athenaeum Club. There’s a library, dining room, and even some bedrooms for players who need to travel.

Spycraft – It’s easy to say the Pentagon, but I suspect a lot of their meeting rooms are a bit too plain. Instead, I’ll go for a cavernous Russian palace – the sort you used to see in cold war era James Bond films. Heating might be an issue, it would evoking the feeling of the Great Game with great ease.

All for One – Easy. The Palace of Versailles. Or maybe Château de Monte Cristo, the country home of Alexandre Dumas. For extra authenticity, any women would have to dress as men. Maybe.

Star Wars (any edition) – Inside the Lucasfilm Archives. Seriously, where else would you play (except maybe the farm in Tunisia)?

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