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RPGaDay – Day 3: First RPG Purchased

Mutant Chronicles Cover

Short Answer: Mutant Chronicles.

Long Answer: Before it was a poorly executed movie or an oddly scaled miniatures game from Fantasy Flight Games, Mutant Chronicles was a popular roleplaying game from Swedish company Target Games. It flourished for years and even spawned a miniatures game, a board game, and a CCG. At a time when the gaming world was heavily dominated by DnD and Games Workshop, it was a breath of fresh air. At least it was, until Target Games folded in 1999.

The game was a weird mix of retro-technology, extra-dimensional monsters, and corporate intrigue. With characters and organisations inspired by various Earth cultures, you could play as   samurai clad in powered armour, a trench-bound soldier fighting a profane alien enemy, or even a space Highlander. It was completely mad, and I loved it. While it never reached the heights of its competition outside of Sweden, it’s the game that has stuck with me the most over the years – even more so than Call of Cthulhu.

For a long time, it seemed like we’d never see it on shelves again, except in second-hand bookshops or a used books stall at GenCon. Gamers had moved on to newer editions of DnD, an explosion of Cthulhu-inspired games, and all manner of other games, leaving Imperial, Capitol, and the rest of the Megacorps behind. Then, Prodos Games announced they would release a new version of Warzone, the miniatures game set in the Mutant Chronicles universe. Suddenly there was a ray of hope, and sure enough a short while later Modiphius Entertainment announced that they were also working on a new edition of the RPG. A successful Kickstarter project later, I’m sitting here eagerly awaiting its arrival.

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