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RPGaDay 2016 – Day 27


Describe the most unusual circumstance or location in which you have gamed.

Short Answer: Burger King.

Long Answer: This happened during my University gaming days when I was playing Shadowrun. I don’t recall why, but we weren’t able to use our usual gaming space at the University. Instead, we wandered through the adjacent park and down the hill, eventually ending up at a Burger King.

After ordering some food, we headed down the back of the restaurant to some empty tables. There weren’t any big enough to seat us all, so we spread across 2-3. There was just enough room on our tables for character sheets and the odd book, and Burger King’s free refill policy kept us hydrated.

I don’t know if the staff were happy having us there, or just lazy, but were weren’t disturbed and managed to get in a good hour or two of gaming before we went on our merry way. It certainly helped that we picked tables in an out-of-the-way part of the restaurant, and did our best to keep from getting too boisterous.

Would I game in a fast food restaurant again? Probably not. There was nothing special about the location. We were only there because we went there first. We could just as easily have gone into the McDonald’s up the road and done the same thing. Or even the Wendy’s a little further up the road.

If I were to game again in an eating establishment, I’d want one more like a board game cafe than a full-on eatery. Somewhere set up to accommodate gamers, while still providing food and drink. Luckily, we do have a place like that here in Auckland – Cakes n Ladders. They even have an RPG night during the week. Unfortunately, gaming on a “school night” isn’t really an option so I’ll just have to keep my eyes and ears open for other opportunities.

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