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RPGaDay 2021 – Share


It’s common for each character of a party to have something special that sets them apart from the others. This gives each their own chance to shine during an adventure. This means adventures must be designed to allow for this. But what if this wasn’t necessary?

What if the players shared the limelight? I don’t mean they all play the same character type, or even the same character. What I’m thinking of is making everything a shared effort. Players must work together with a shared effort to succeed.

This may already be the case for most combat situations, but what about skill checks? Those are usually solo endeavours, right? Not necessarily. There are plenty of situations where it could take two or more participants to pass a skill check.

That doesn’t mean all participants have to do the same thing, or make the same check. One person could Sneak across a room while a second Searches an ancient tome for clues about traps.

But sharing should not be limited to effort. Make sure your players share their rewards, as well. Either equal shares for all like the pirates of old, or making sure there’s something for everyone.

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