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RPGaDay 2015 – Day 21: Favourite RPG Setting


Short Answer: Eberron / Hollow Earth Expedition.

Long Answer: I couldn’t pick just one. I really couldn’t. Fortunately, both Eberron and Hollow Earth Expedition are different enough that there’s minimal overlap between them. And yet it’s easy to run similar games in each setting. Both offer opportunities for political intrigue, exploration of long-lost cities, and the chance to go up against intelligences both malign and alien.

I guess part of the reason I like both these settings so much is their inclusion of dinosaurs. They’re a prominent part of the fauna found inside Earth, and your characters are likely to go up against (and sometimes flee from) them. Meanwhile, the dinosaurs in Eberron are a little more domesticated. Some are tame to the point where halflings ride them into battle.


Eberron Halfling Dinosaur Rider

Who wants to play a halfling now?

Does this mean I’m automatically going to like any RPG that includes dinosaurs? No. Both of my choices have more going for them than terrible lizards. Dinosaurs are a bit like explosions in movies. You can’t just throw a few in there and expect them to make everything better, but used right they can make the average awesome.


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