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RPGaDay 2019 – Last

"Here at the end of all things."

Here we are at the end of RPGaDay 2019. But is it really the end? Could it instead be the end of the beginning? Is this a moment to take stock of the situation before formulating a plan for the next stage? Perhaps.

Truth be told, the stock taking started long before I reached today’s prompt. I’ve been thinking about the ultimate question throughout this month. That question? Do I do anything with Between the Stars when this month ends? The question didn’t vex me and was simple to answer: Absolutely.

This decision comes with a caveat. I’m not going to commit to coming up with a publishable product by this time next year. Or the year after that. I’ve learned recently that you should never expect life to remain stable for too long. Maybe it’s the ‘Life’ part of the equation exerting some ‘balance’ on the ‘Geek’. Maybe it’s just life.

So what happens now? There are a few steps before I have a publishable product. Obviously, there’s a lot of writing ahead. I’m not sure how many words exactly, but it’ll be a few more than I’ve produced for RPGaDay 2019. I’ll also need artwork. This means finding an artist whose style I like and is open for some commission work.

Finally, since I’ve decided to use the Ubiquity rules, I’ll need a licence to use them. I think I’ll leave this step for later in the process. I’d rather apply once I have examples of what I’m working on, not going in empty-handed. If I’m not able to get access to the rules, I can still release the game. I’ll just need to point people to one of the existing Ubiquity products. This isn’t exactly a bad thing.

Once I have a finished product, what then? I could go the Kickstarter route and pin my fate on the whims of gamers. To be honest, I’m not keen on this approach. For one, I don’t have a big name or brand behind me. I’m not making something compatible with 5E or Pathfinder. Kickstarter also has a tendency to get out of control if you’re not careful. I’d much rather create something and put it up for sale, then let what happens happen.

And that’s it for RPGaDay 2019. This year has been different, but not in a bad way. I was a little thrown but the infographic when I first saw it, but I think it worked out.

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  1. 31/08/2019 16:00

    It was a good run to get here, and I look forward to seeing what comes of your plans!

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