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RPGaDay 2019 – Examine

Star Trek tricorder

I’ve spent a lot of time going over some relatively high level concepts. This is a necessary part of the design process, but it is only a part. At some point I have to put that to one side and move on to the harder part.

With this in mind, I’m going to step things up for the rest of the month. Entries will include an early draft of content that could appear in a future book. They won’t be long pieces, just a quick peek behind the curtain. There might not be one in every post, that will depend on the daily prompt and how I choose to answer it.

It feels wrong to announce this without including something in this post. Examine doesn’t immediately lend itself to something specific, except for one thing. What’s one of the first things someone does when they pick up an RPG for the first time? They flip it over and read what’s on the back cover. This is the easiest way to examine a game further. It’s especially good if you’re online and can’t easily flip through a few pages.

Let’s take a look at what the text on the back cover of Between the Stars could say:

Hire a good crew,

load up your ship

and find your fortune between the stars.

Hundreds of years in the future, mankind has the technology to travel vast distances. Players take on the roles of deep space explorers, rugged mercenaries, and wily traders seeking fame and fortune. Along the way, they’ll meet alien species, explore mysterious ruins and maybe even fight in a space battle or two.

Set in a hopeful, exciting future, Between the Stars is inspired by space opera and science fiction from the 20th and 21st century. The interstellar action is powered by Ubiquity, an innovative role playing game system that emphasizes storytelling and cinematic action.

Between the Stars: Discover a whole galaxy worth of adventure!

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