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RPGaDay – Day 29: Most memorable encounter


Short Answer: “As I walk through the valley of kobold death,” Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition.

Long Answer: I briefly mentioned this encounter back on Day 8. It was part of a long-running D&D campaign, presided over by a group of DMs who swapped duties as they came up with adventures. It wasn’t a traditional setup, but we made it work.

It was during one of these adventures that the current GM pulled one of the old tricks in the D&D book – he ambushed us with kobolds. For those of you new to the game, kobolds are small reptilian humanoids who are rather weak and pathetic on their own, but become bolder as their numbers grow. They are experts at asymmetrical warfare, as long as things are tipped in their favour.

In this particular instance, the kobolds struck in the night while the party were sleeping. They slipped past the person on guard duty and stole anything valuable (including weapons and armour) they could get their hands on. By the time we realised what had happened, they were scurrying into the distance. Giving chase, we followed them to a valley with steeply sloped sides. Incensed, my character rushed into the ravine not spotting the obvious. Wisely, nobody else followed. I was a good way into the ravine when kobolds emerged on both sides, bows drawn. I had lost my armour, so was left with little more than cloth. Things looked dire. They loosed a volley of arrows at me, but were not able to do enough damage to take me down. Having survived their surprise attack, it was my turn to return the favour. Having had enough sleep to regain my spells, I had a full complement of healing spells at my disposal so was able to return myself almost to full health. Shocked, the kobolds tried again. I healed myself as before. Meanwhile, the rest of the party did everything they could to disrupt the ambushing party with magic and what little equipment they had. After a few rounds of shoot and heal, the kobold leader appeared at the far end of the valley. Seeing a target I could reach, I produced the one weapon I had on me – a magic rod. The kobolds had not bothered to take it as there was nothing remarkable about how it looked. I activated the rod and it turned into a chain flail – sending up a worried chittering among our attackers. The encounter didn’t last long after that, my party either killing or driving off the bulk of the kobolds.


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