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RPGaDay – Day 2: First RPG Gamemastered


Short Answer: Spycraft 1st Edition, Shadowforce Archer Campaign Setting.

Long Answer: Normally I wouldn’t volunteer to act as gamemaster for a roleplaying game, especially for one I had so little experience playing. In the case of Spycraft it was seemingly unavoidable. I had begun the campaign as a player, a Faceman focused more on talking my way out of situations than shooting my way out.

It seemed like a good idea at first, but I had forgotten to do one thing. My sacrifices to the Goddess of Dice were insufficient, so she punished me with more 1’s in a single session than I’ve rolled before or since. This isn’t a problem in some RPGs, but Spycraft has a Critical Success/Failure mechanic that allows players are Game Control (the Spycraft equivalent of GM) alike to do some damn impressive things.

In this case, my 1’s resulted in my disguise falling apart at a critical moment, a couple of botched skill checks, and ultimately my character parachuting into enemy territory with all the grace and precision of Wile E. Coyote discovering he’s just run off the edge of a cliff. By the end of the mission, my character was in such bad shape we decided he sould be granted early retirement and I would take over as GC. At least then when I rolled poorly, it would work in the players’ favour.

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