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RPGaDay 2018 – Day 2


What do you look for in an RPG?

Short Answer: Variety of character types.

Long Answer: My short answer might sound vague, so let me explain. Certain roleplaying games borrow from character stereotypes. Often times this comes down to the historic roots of the game’s genre. Dungeons & Dragons is a good example of this. Early on, character drew inspiration from the characters created by J.R.R. Tolkien.

This isn’t always a bad thing, of course. Using these archetypes can help new players understand a game and get into the right frame of mind. This is why pre-generated characters often borrow from pop culture.

It becomes a problem when players don’t venture far beyond these provided examples. Game designers can avoid this by seeding their work with concepts and ideas. Players and GMs can use these to come up with their own creations.

One excellent example of this is D&D’s Eberron setting. Some might see this as another way for them to play an elf ranger, halfling rogue, or half-orc barbarian. But Eberron takes a different approach. The races have a new flavour, drawn from the setting. This fires the imagination and throws open the doors of possibility.

Instead of a halfling rogue, you could instead play a halfling lancer and ride a dinosaur into battle. Sure, you can still play the rogue if you want, but dinosaurs are now an option.

And that’s what I look for in an RPG – dinosaurs. Wait, no. An RPG doesn’t have to have dinosaurs, but it helps. What I like to see are those seeds and hooks that lead to interesting character choices. Especially if those choices involve dinosaurs.

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  1. 02/08/2018 16:49

    Are we heading for Dinosaur Pirates, I wonder?

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