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Kings of War takes to the sea

Kings of War: Armada

It’s not a big anniversary, but earlier this year this blog turned nine years old. It feels like a long time, even if my output has been erratic at times.

Taking a look at this site’s stats, two posts are clearly more popular than the others. The most is 10 things you should do at GenCon – though that one wasn’t as popular this year. The other sounds like clickbait, but surprisingly holds up: Dreadfleet? More like Dreadfail! It’s this second one that’s been more popular recently, and I think I know why.

Mantic Games have announced a new game – Kings of War: Armada. Let’s take a look at the Announcement Trailer.

Those of us hanging out for a return of Games Workshop’s Man O’ War might feel a tingle of excitement. It’s not exactly the same game – Armada uses a trimmed down version of Warlord Games’ Black Seas rules. It’s closer than Dreadfleet, but that’s not a high bar to clear.

The four starting races are a little different, though. Sure, Orcs and Dwarfs are common, but the Basileans are not standard humans. They’re more devout, so I suspect we’ll see them get some celestial allies. The final faction, the Empire of Dust, is Mantic’s take on the Tomb Kings.

I’m sure we’ll see an Elf faction soon enough. Personally, I’m more interested in seeing navies for some of the weirder factions. Will the Trident Realms have any ships, or tamed sea creatures? Will Goblin ships be as ramshackle as their other inventions? We know there’s one Salamander corsair, but are there others?

They’ll answer all these questions in time I’m sure. Until then, I look forward to seeing the changes Mantic have made to Warlord’s rules. We’ll be getting previews all the way up to the November release, but I hope they preview some new ships as well.

Some naval scenarios for Kings of War: Vanguard would be nice too. If only so we can recreate this epic scene.

Kings of War: Armada art

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