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RPGaDay – Day 0: The Calm Before…

RPGaDAY Basics

There’s just a few hours to go before RPGaDay Month kicks off here in New Zealand. Since we lead the way chronologically, I’ll be a day or so ahead of people in the UK and US start posting their updates. Normally, I’m not a fan of going first so I’ll be publishing my posts around 11pm local time.

With that sorted, let’s take a look at what you can expect over the next 31 days…


I admit that I don’t own enough RPGs to provide a different answer for each day, so I’ll make up for it by explaining each choice. In case some of you don’t want a story with my answer I’ll provide both a short version and a long version, as well as an appropriate image (or two).

I can’t guarantee all of my answers will be interesting, but I’ll try my best to make them worth reading in their entirety.

If you want to take part, head over to and read up on the event. It’s a great opportunity to share your love of RPGs with the world, even if you’re only posting images of your answers on Twitter.

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