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Resetting the Balance


Well, the last three months went much more quickly than I realised. I haven’t forgotten about this blog, life has just been taken up with more important things – like buying, then moving into, a new house. It’s been a full on time, especially when you throw in the usual end of year rush at work, general busyness over the holiday period, and all the cleaning and minor maintenance that comes with moving into a new place. At least the end is now in sight, and I’m very much looking forward to revving things up again on the gaming front.

I’m not quite ready to crack open some blister packs and start applying glue and paint to miniatures, but I’m already making plans for the moment that I am. I’ve signed up for a free Kanban Flow account to help plan my upcoming projects, and picked up some storage trays to hold boxes and packs while they await their turn on the table. I’ve also purchased new batteries for my camera and refamiliarised myself with its macro settings with an eye to making a light box that I’ll use to take decent quality photos of miniatures. In fact, the camera is coming along quite nicely (even with inappropriate bulbs and unpainted miniatures).

Test photo of two unpainted miniatures

Left: Captain Charles Upham, Warlord Games; Right: Erwin Rommel, Darkson Designs

On top of this, I’m also taking stock of the games I want to play, and forcing myself to choose one or two factions, at most, for each one. I’ve been prone to shiny model syndrome in the past, so my unofficial new year resolution is to focus my efforts and see if it helps me get through my painting backlog in an efficient way. I’ve also had to make some tough choices and put a couple of games on the back burner for the near future – namely Malifaux, Infinity, and Flames of War. I’ve got models for all three, but I can see my attention and focus better spent on other games in the near future. I might not have a lot of time to paint, let alone get games in, so something has to wait.

Finally, it’s time of year again when people are starting to think about GenCon. At least, that’s what the page views and search terms in my dashboard are telling me. I won’t be attending this year, for obvious reasons, so it’s good to know that people might still be finding my old posts useful. If you want to check them out, click the GenCon tag link.

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back soon with something… interesting.

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