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Stay Classy, Game Classy


When someone mentions “gaming podcast” there are certain things that spring to mind. Multi-hour running length, frequently dry discussion about tactics and game play, generally positive comments about games the hosts like and negative comments about those they don’t, and the like. Most of these are largely absent in the Game Classy podcast.

Hosts Joe and Steve spend an hour each fortnight talking about the latest news in the gaming industry, including Kickstarter projects and new releases. They also break into spontaneous song, reminisce about gaming days gone by (both are ex-GW red shirts), and try to slip phrases like “dick butts” into conversations.

It’s not an overly serious podcast at times, and it’s all the better for it. Far too many times I’ve turned a podcast off part way through because I’ve simply gotten bored with the subject material. I’ve never turned Game Classy off, and more often than not listen to each episode multiple times due to their entertainment value.

On top of this, the show has an active Facebook page where both hosts post links to items that tickle their fancy and actually engage with their fans. The show is also part of Planet Arbitrary, a hub for a variety of podcasts (from console gaming, to comics, to music). As an added bonus, a full back catalogue of podcasts is available on the site, so if you find something you like you can spend many fine hours catching up from the beginning.

A word of warning, you can almost guarantee either or both of the hosts will make fun of your favourite game at one point or another. This is often done in jest, and is usually done for laughs. Don’t take things too seriously. Remember that this is a podcast where the hosts talk about “dick butts” and the “James Franco-Prussian War.”

The most charming war in history

The most charming war in history

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